PT. Agri Kultura is located in Pacet – Mojokerto area, 600M above sea level. 

The idea is coming from the Dutch experts in the tissue culture industries which experienced in international plant business and an Indonesian partner who want  improvement development in the human resource and local ecomomy either.

PT. Agri Kultura produce plants by tissue culture technique which combining sophisticated technology and manual work. Most of the products are ornamental plants for the international market.

Vision & Mission


  • PT. Agri Kultura propagate tissue culture plants with the best quality to satisfying customers. 
  • With tissue culture techniques produce disease and virus free plants. 


  • To fulfill international market with high quality plants. 
  • To transfer “know how” the latest technologies in tissue culture industries. 
  • To increase welfare of local people by recruiting as employees of PT. Agrikultura.